The Team

WIKISPEED would not be where it is today without the many people who believe that green is the only way to go!

Originally, Joe reached out to family and friends to fill in the gaps while he continued to slog it out alone in the garage. This worked for several months. As the PIAXP second technical deliverable neared, Joe confided in his sister that he was in for several sleepless nights. She promptly sounded the alarm on Facebook and made a few phone calls. The result was amazing! "It was like an Amish barn raising!" Joe delighted. Friends drove in from neighboring states. Gearheads from Joe's sister-in-law's parenting group descended. Family arrived. Baked goods were provided.

This amazing team of volunteers continues to grow. WikiSpeed appreciates all of you!

Adam Barker - WA
Ron Barker - IN
Keith Boulac - CO
Tom Boulac
Jeff Carter - MI
Tom Dunn - KS
Joe Fina - MD
Bryan Ford - MI
Lisa Ford - MI
Ai Justice - WA
Betsy Justice - CA
Debbie Justice - MD
Deb Justice - WA
John Justice - WA
Mary Michael Justice - CO
Ruth Justice Stafford - OH
Virginia Justice - CO
Ben McAllister
James McNeill
Jeremy Moss
Clayton Osterman - OR
Jeff Sepeta - IN
Mark Settle - NE
Brendan Smith
Matt Steinmetz - WA
Mary Wilkes - WA