Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Consumer Reports has been very thorough in their inspections and very helpful in their feedback. The whole team is running on next to no sleep, working 'round the clock to meet the deadline for the next inspection. Everyone has poured their hearts and all their bodily strength into this project. Truly the dedication of this team is amazing!

When I think that only a couple months ago Joe was the only one holding a wrench, I am in awe. He worked on this project, by himself, for eighteen months. One guy, one vision. It was not until that vision really began to take shape that the rest of us bought into it. But when we did buy in, it was with heart and soul!

Now we are down to the evaluations. It is easy to get caught up in the moment: Did the part get there in time? Did they  find a welder? Does the fix meet the standard? I have to remind myself that that is only the small picture. The big picture is what inspired me in the first place: 
I believe in producing an affordable, 100 mpg car. I am hanging onto my old car believing that my next car will be one of the first off my brother's production line. His busines plan is solid. His distribution ideas are novel. His design is revolutionary. Literally revolutionary.

By the time the car is available to the public, it will be shiny and sleek, just like they expect. When I close my eyes I can see it! I am in love with my WIKISPEED car. I love the 360-degree views, the responsive handling, the reclined drivers seat, the way the wheel fits my hands. I love the low profile, the acceleration, and feeling like I never have to fill her up! I have fallen in love with this car so deeply that I even want her in Home Depot orange, just like the iteration that is at the XPRIZE . . .

. . . At the XPRIZE. Right now tired bodies and hopeful hearts feel like they have put everything on the line. The truth is, this is just one step along the way.

Me? I can’t wait to take delivery of my beloved, orange, 100 mpg car.

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