Monday, April 12, 2010

We Did It! PIAXP in Detroit, Here WikiSpeed Comes!

This just in:
Joe and WIKISPEED Team – you did it . . .
On behalf of the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE, I would like to welcome you and your vehicle to the upcoming Shakedown event at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, MI.
After careful consideration of your submitted materials, the Technical Team has accepted your 3rd Technical Deliverable. Your scorecard from TD3 is attached . . . Thank you for the additional information . . . Well done!
You will be regularly receiving, and should have received, some additional information regarding Shakedown in the last day. This information will cover the inspection checklist and a list of items to bring to registration.
We are almost there . . . See you at MIS for Shakedown!!
Warm Regards,
Julie Zona | Director, Team Development & Relations, Progressive Automotive X PRIZE

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